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Azt csináljuk, amiben jók vagyunk!

Kérdezzen, mi válaszolunk!

Azt csináljuk, amiben jók vagyunk!

Kérdezzen, mi válaszolunk!


Our accounting office offers the full scope of accounting, payroll accounting and tax consultancy for micro-, small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the Hungarian subsidiaries of parent companies.


Our company was founded in 2012, after having over 12 years of experience in bookkeeping and payroll accounting. Our aim was to offer a high level of accounting and labour-related services taking advantage of our professional knowledge and expertise of how to run a business in Hungary to find the solid foundation for business decisions and increase the profit for our clients. We are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to make good decisions without having reliable financial and accounting information.


In order to inform our clients about the widest possible and most up-to-date information, we regularly participate in professional trainings and along with bookkeeping, we also started to offer tax consultancy, company foundation services and we set up accounting and administrative services as well.



Every member of our friendly team is highly qualified

and precise who welcomes even such challenges as using a company’s own system or doing the job in a foreign language including bookkeeping, annual closures and solving company-specific tasks. We firmly believe in the customized and tailor-made services, and in meeting the individual demands. The leader of our company is an economist, tax consultant, chartered accountant, and tax lawyer. All our colleagues are well qualified and have gained a great deal of experience. If you are our client, you can be sure to meet the accounting requirements. Our knowledge gained through practice will foster your business. We continuously monitor the legal modifications, regularly participate in trainings, and read the professional journals.

We help you take the baby steps.

We aware of the fact that the systems required by ta particular company, tax and other authorities do not make life any easier for those who do not have any relevant experience in this field but we can lift the burden of company foundation, registration and online administration off your shoulders.


You can change your accountant even during the financial year

As we know that this is a confidential relationship it is crucial that a client feels 100 % safe. If necessary, we can check and correct your bookkeeping and you do not need to worry that you will not receive an answer to your question for days or there is nobody to turn to as our colleagues in the office are happy to answer your questions in office hours.

You will always be aware of your company’s actual financial situation

As we use such a system that is accessible, you can get information in connection with contributions, taxes or the balance sheet of your company any time.

Monthly fixed fees without hidden costs

Due to the principle of transparency and easy planning we use monthly fixed fees. There are no hidden costs.

We offer tax consultancy free of charge

On the first occasion for an existing or a new company if you assign our company to do the bookkeeping.

2310 Szigetszentmiklós

ÁTI sziget ipari park 11.
Expert Irodaház II. emelet

+36 30 129 1661