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We do it for you!


We do it for you!


Would you like to expand your business?

Is your domestic market already saturated?

Would you like to expand your business in Hungary?

You don’t know where to start?

We are the solution for you!

What are our specialist fields?

Overcoming the difficulties arising from the special regulations of the Hungarian market we can set up a stable commercial ltd for you meeting all the mandatory and market regulations and fostering your successful activities and providing you with the opportunity to do a profitable business.


Dr. Mónika Csintalan


Holding a law degree, an expert of all company problems, having 20 years of accounting and tax consultancy experience. The owner and managing director of PJT Sziget Ltd. Thanks to her fluency in English and professional track record she can easily cut through the jungle of company foundation, permits and bookkeeping.

Anita Bajzat

The person who delivers solutions to everyday problems due to her more than 10 years of administrative professional experience gained in multinational and traditional commerce environment. She speaks in Slovakian and English and deals with obstacles effectively, she is the person to turn to if you have any question.

What will your competitive advantages be if you use our services?


By the end of the sixth month following the signing of the contract, you will get a potential company, ready to start, where you do not need to worry about usual difficulties.


What difficulties can you face?


– Language barriers (you will not have to pay for an interpreter)

– Waste of time

– Specialities based on the nature of the market

– Where should I go?

– Which office should I start with?

– What do I need?

– How much does the administration cost?


Our expertise covers

Our expertise covers (Based on our own experiences, the Hungarian market demands products from Hungarian partners, instead of imported ones, resulting in avoiding several hardships (EKAER, VAT, Environmental product tax )

Client- and firm gateway administration

csb expert

NÉBIH administration

csb expert

National Tax Office administration

csb expert

FELIR number administration

Online invoicing administration

EKAER registration

csb expert

Providing GDPR

Environmental product tax

Legal and taxation counselling

Accountancy, representation in authorities

Registered office administration


Office rental

Logistics (until signing of contract)

Authorisation of packaging texts

Market research (competition, price competition)

HR activity, labour force training

Marketing services (web page, billboard, printed media- and TV advertisement)

Minor translation tasks

Client list database

Sending company introduction to partners

Complete market construction on demand


We make a customized offer, depending on the requested services as a package.

Contact US

Please make an appointment to have a face-to-face meeting.

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