Mészáros Máté
Mészáros MátéDelta Kft.
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Our cooperation has always been smooth. I am satisfied with their work as they are reliable and precise, they always take on their tasks with a great responsibility. In connection with the ever- changing taxation regulations, they always inform us in time, the profitability rate is traceable during the year, all the important data is available and accessible all year round. I highly recommend their services.
Kertész József
Kertész JózsefTarr Kft.
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I am satisfied with the work of PJT Sziget the up-to-date bookkeeping and payroll accounting tasks are done in a reliable and precise way and in case I have any request they always fulfil them impeccably and in time. I like when deals are quickly clinched, I dislike procrastination and they can help me achieve this. They have been answering my questions regarding taxation for more than 10 years and I have been informed about any taxation regulation modification as well.

2310 Szigetszentmiklós

ÁTI sziget ipari park 11.
Expert Irodaház II. emelet

+36 30 129 1661