Company foundation and modification

The first step of a business venture is founding a company, whether it is an Ltd, limited partnership, close company or sole proprietorship. If you assign our company to do the bookkeeping, we offer a discount from the fee of company foundation.


There are many types of companies and accountants using the same basic principles, still offering very different quality in the field of bookkeeping, the services and the tasks to be done. What we offer is a complex solution adapting to the structure of your company. We also do the accounting in the company’s own Enterprise Resource Planning system, as an assigned Accounting Officer, even in English. We are accountable for the job we complete. Our bookkeepers have many years of professional practice in their specialist field.

Payroll accounting, social security administration

Full-scale payroll accounting including the classic payroll and labour tasks and many more: we foster the implementation of such a remuneration system that has the lowest possible level of taxes and contributions to be paid but still offers a fair wages system for the employees. We manage all the necessary tasks including the family allowances and sick leave administration.

Tax consultancy

Would you like to reduce the taxation and contribution payment obligations of your business? We can help you in this. Tax consultancy and taxation planning make a significant level of cost reduction possible if you assign professionals with analysis and creating the taxation strategy. The first tax consultancy is free of charge. Feel free to ask your questions.

Product charges administration

We offer product charges administration for commercial companies, including the following tasks: – Registration of obligation to the relevant directorate of NAV – Registration needed for submitting reports electronically – Making mandatory registers for tax reports – Compiling and submitting supplementary reports, reports, self-auditing – Availability and representation in case of inspections, subsequent tax controls – Auditing and reviewing product charges administration – Consulting on product charges

Representing the company before authorities

Beyond the ordinary administration you can get unpleasant surprises in case of a Tax Authority, NÉBIH, EKAER or other inspections but as long as you are our company’s client, there is no need to worry, we solve all these for you.

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